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We deploy long term SEO strategies that are previously only reserved for the best of the best companies… And help you solidly grow your business with tested strategies in an open manner.

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Online Presence?

Meet the team at Whitesheep Digital. We are a small team of elite digital marketing experts with over 16 years of agency & in-house experience. Team members are featured in SEMRush AU Search Awards as Best In-House Team and are constantly invited to speak at Search Marketing Submit & Semrush Events. The cutting-edge SEO methodology we developed over the years has been the core reason for our SEO success.

Instead of Higher Rankings And More Traffic, Think More Customers

At the end of the day, SEO is a business investment. And like all investments, what business owners are looking for is a return on the money spent. However, most SEO agencies out there are trying to cover themselves up with ranking and traffic numbers knowing those metrics won’t necessarily lead back to more money in the business’s pocket. What we do in Whitesheep digital is to align our strategy with your business objectives to drive the results you want.
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Never Get Hit By Google Search Engine Updates

We are proud to say our work has never been penalised by any of Google’s updates. In fact, we have been helping clients who have undergone damaging SEO practices from elsewhere… And turn their off-the-radar website around into a traffic magnet. Everything we do follows Google’s guidelines and best practices strictly. 
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Finally… An SEO Agency Who Don’t Corner You Into Lengthy Commitments

We get it…This industry is filled with smoke and mirrors. People out there promise you the world, sign you up for lengthy contracts and don’t even show you what they are doing. By the end of the contract terms, they will have already sucked out enough blood from your business and leave you with no real results for what you’ve paid for. We despise them. That’s why we only work transparently on flexible terms. Our results will decide if you’d like to continue with us.
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Whitesheep Digital Services

SEO done for you

SEO Done For You

Do you want an A-Level SEO team to work for you and drive you results? We will implement our proprietary SEO methodology for you to increase your traffic and sales.
Comprehensive site audit

Comprehensive Site Audit

Do you already have in-house SEO resources but are getting nowhere? We will point out every improvement you can make on your website and tell you exactly how to do it yourself.
Site migration

Site Migration

Are you migrating your website? We ensure every drop of your SEO power from your old website is transferred onto your new site - Guaranteed.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Mny Group
Mny Group
"Your services are professional and result-driven. You listen to the client’s requirements & feedback and work with us to provide appropriate solutions which improves the bottom result. Hope we may continue working together to achieve ongoing success."
Ben Gu
Director @ MNY Group Chartered Accountants
"Rekha and Jine are masters of their craft, trusted partners and experts at delivering technical and content SEO strategy."
Anna Vine
Director @ Brandmaide
"There is no one like Jine Wu who has in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry. She brings SEO tactics to the next level by her advanced understanding of the entire SEO landscape. Her works are inspiring, her strategies have become one of the best practices for all SEO practitioners. There is nothing more exhilarating than to take her advice and bring your project to success."
Xinyuan (Loki) Y.
SEO Manager @ Cipher Sports Technology Group

How To Turn Your Website Into A Customer Magnet

We believe in delivering value first and we have nothing to hide, so we wrote a book on some our our best strategies to help you dominate on Google. You get actionable strategies you can use right away to put yourself at the floodgate of customers…in most cases, without spending a cent.
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FAQs about Whitesheep Digital SEO Agency

What is Whitesheep Digital’s experience in SEO?

There is over 20+ years of experience shared with the 2 founders and managers of WhitesheepDigital. Both Jine and Rekha came from agency experience, where they have successfully managed clients from different industries, different business sizes with different long term goals. Both Jine and Rekha now work for a respectable Aus enterprise organization while also helping out other clients. Their passion in SEO stems from honest conversations with clients first and helping clients build their organic presence.

What does SEO services include?

SEO services includes keywords optimisation, onpage content optimisation, CRO and UI optimisation and many more. It is important to understand that SEO is not just about keywords. Your website SEO optimisation should be unique to your business, website and your goals. A good SEO specialist should be able to advise you on the best keywords to target and why, what are your biggest missed opportunities, risks and rewards.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the act of optimising your website for best Organic presence and rank top on Google Search. SEO has many pillars which includes technical SEO, content SEO, onpage and offpage SEO. Each website requires a different and unique SEO approach / strategy. In order to achieve the best Organic presence, it is important to understand that your website should be optimised in all pillars of SEO.

How soon can you start seeing results from SEO work?

SEO is long term. Unlike SEM and paid activities, SEO requires Google algorithm to crawl your site and all SEO optimisation, collaborate with other ranking factors which also includes competitors and changes on SERPs (Google Search Result Pages). Most times, it take a minimum of 3-6 months before you start seeing results. This is however dependant on various factors. A good SEO consultant will be able to advise and help you understand the impact of each SEO optimisation item and how soon you are able to see results. If is however important to understand SEO is not a short cut. It is a commitment in time and effort, it takes time but in good time you should be able to see positive results that will only benefit you in the long term.

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