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Use This Ground Breaking SEO Site Audit To See Through Your Website Like X-Ray

This comprehensive site audit will detect every single SEO opportunity on your website and lay out the exact action plan to explode your website traffic. If you are willing to put in the labour, this site audit will save you a fortune…
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Google Organic Traffic At A Discount

If you already have an SEO person/Web dev team and are looking to implement A-level award-winning SEO strategies to your website to explode your traffic…at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency or an in-house team, then the following message could be the answer of what you’ve been longing for…
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How To Get The Best Bang Of Your SEO Bucks

Do you know the SEO of a 10 billion-dollar company can be managed by as little as a 4-people team? We know because we’re in one of them. In fact, most small to medium size businesses don’t need a very sophisticated SEO team. They need a structured game plan on exactly what they need to do, and take action to implement the plan. There is never a tailored service available to help these businesses until now…
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What Is A Whitesheep Digital’s Comprehensive Site Audit?

Our Site Audit is a 93 item technical checklist and 53 item content checklist which checks everything SEO on your website against Google guidelines. We will point out what are the things that your website are already doing well, what could be improved on and what needs urgent attention. In the report, we will give you suggestions and point you ways to improve SEO on your website. We can also recommend you on the content strategy to drive more traffic. At a 6 months period, you will get complementary consultations with us to get support should you have any technical issues.
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Take A Sneak Peek At Our Results

SEO clicks up
SEO clicks up by 60%
new users increased by 112% YoY
Website load 32% faster
mobile users increased by 132% YoY
SEO clicks impression up 180%

What Our Customers Say About Us

Mny Group
Mny Group
"Your services are professional and result-driven. You listen to the client’s requirements & feedback and work with us to provide appropriate solutions which improves the bottom result. Hope we may continue working together to achieve ongoing success."
Ben Gu
Director @ MNY Group Chartered Accountants
"Rekha and Jine are masters of their craft, trusted partners and experts at delivering technical and content SEO strategy."
Anna Vine
Director @ Brandmaide
"There is no one like Jine Wu who has in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry. She brings SEO tactics to the next level by her advanced understanding of the entire SEO landscape. Her works are inspiring, her strategies have become one of the best practices for all SEO practitioners. There is nothing more exhilarating than to take her advice and bring your project to success."
Xinyuan (Loki) Y.
SEO Manager @ Cipher Sports Technology Group

Still Not Convinced?

For the month of June, we’re offering businesses in Australia free website audits together with a 20 minutes free strategy session. During the call, we’ll show you a shorter version of the comprehensive site audit, but you will be able to get a taste of what you are getting and take away a few action items for free.
We are a small team and can only manage to make this offer to a limited amount of businesses every month. So fill in the form before all our timeslots are booked out.
Free 30 minute consult
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FAQs about Whitesheep Digital Site Audit

What is the purpose of a website audit?

The purpose of a website audit is to provide you with a full detailed outlook on your site health. A good and thorough website audit should be able to tell what what are the biggest problems for your website and what are the opportunities.

What can you expect from an SEO website audit?

A comprehensive SEO website audit should be able to tell you: 

  • The current technical and structural analysis of your website
  • On page content SEO analysis, covering the value of content and keywords and meta data

How long does a website audit take?

A website audit generally takes around 4 to 8 weeks but mostly dependant on the size of the website. It is important to remember that you should not rush the process of a website audit for a comprehensive audit.

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