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We get it… The SEO industry is a wild arena. Most ‘SEO Experts’ out there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. But you are here now, so we will take care of you from here on…
Jine Wu

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Hi, It’s Jine here.
I am the founder of Whitesheep Digital.

This Project started over a coffee chat in the afternoon a few years ago. We were talking about how so many people in our industry are making us look bad. They claim themselves as “SEO experts” and take other people’s money without delivering the work.

We were both very frustrated. Having been in the SEO industry for 16+ years together, we’re proud of what we do. The work we do is respectable hard work and creates immense value for the company we worked for.

As the team I am in awarded the best in-house SEO team in the industry, we know if anyone should do something, it should be us. So we decided to change what people think about the industry one business at a time.

Over time, we’ve consolidated the experience in our agency backgrounds and in the  industry’s best in-house, into our own set of SEO methodologies to help businesses who come to us. Now, we’ve helped businesses to turn their website into traffic magnets. 

Let's be honest. We are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved to date. And since this page is about us, we’re allowed to brag a little here…

Meet The Founder

Jine Wu

Jine Wu

Jine believes data is the key to decision-making. She spent over 15+ years in the SEO industry. 

She started as a web developer and slowly discovered her passion for SEO. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of web development, Jine has a rare combination of lethal skills that make her a technical SEO wizard.

Jine had been invited to Search Marketing Summit and Semrush as a guest speaker to talk about SEO and give back to the community. Her expertise in technical SEO is unmatched in the industry. She is now working in one of Australia's best in-house SEO teams.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Mny Group
Mny Group
"Your services are professional and result-driven. You listen to the client’s requirements & feedback and work with us to provide appropriate solutions which improves the bottom result. Hope we may continue working together to achieve ongoing success."
Ben Gu
Director @ MNY Group Chartered Accountants
"Rekha and Jine are masters of their craft, trusted partners and experts at delivering technical and content SEO strategy."
Anna Vine
Director @ Brandmaide
"There is no one like Jine Wu who has in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry. She brings SEO tactics to the next level by her advanced understanding of the entire SEO landscape. Her works are inspiring, her strategies have become one of the best practices for all SEO practitioners. There is nothing more exhilarating than to take her advice and bring your project to success."
Xinyuan (Loki) Y.
SEO Manager @ Cipher Sports Technology Group
So if you had been bruised by other agencies or so-called “SEO experts” before, and are looking for an honest team to work with, Whitesheep Digital is here to reignite your trust in SEO again.

Services Our Customer Love The Most

SEO done for you

SEO Done For You

Comprehensive site audit

Comprehensive Site Audit

Site migration

Site Migration

Not Ready To Take The Leap Of Faith?

Hey, we understand you could be hurt before. PTSD(Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) is scary *Jokes*. That’s why we literally wrote an ebook to teach you some of our best SEO strategies to DIY first. Thank us later.
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