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Never Get Hit By Google Search Engine Updates Again

Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly changing game. Our strategies abide by Google’s guidelines and updates, so our SEO efforts will have a compounding effect over time…And turn your website into a traffic magnet.
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Tap Into The Tsunami Of Customers

Would you like to have your website rank #1 on Google for the most valuable search terms and consistently stay there? Would you like free qualified traffic flooding your website and ringing the cash register daily? Would you like your brand to be perceived as the no.1 brand in the marketplace and leave all your competitors in the dust? If that is the case, you have come to the right place.
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Why SEO Is One Of The Best Marketing Investments

The most valuable and profit-exploding traffic on planet earth comes from Google’s organic listings. There are over 3.5 billion searches performed each day and organic traffic has one of the highest converting traffic on the internet, with 8.5 times more likely to get clicked than paid searches. A well Search Engine Optimised website can tap into all these benefits. And the good thing with SEO is… once you are ranked on Google, you will get free prospects coming to you every day 24/7.
 However, not all SEO specialists can take advantage of this traffic source. In fact, ranking #1 on Google will roughly drive 30 times more people to your website than ranking #10. You need the best of the best talent to capitalise on this traffic source.
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Navigating Through A Live Mindfield Of “Self-Acclaimed Gurus”

Let's face it. SEO is not a regulated industry. You can claim to be an “SEO expert” but is a barista in a local cafe and took a few Udemy courses. Most “SEO experts” are more concerned with making a quick buck to make their next credit card payment than forming a long-lasting business relationship with you. Finding real good talent to get what your money’s worth is like finding a needle in a haystack.
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Take A Sneak Peek At Our Results

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SEO clicks up by 60%
new users increased by 112% YoY
Website load 32% faster
mobile users increased by 132% YoY
SEO clicks impression up 180%

Why Stay Away From Anyone Who Promises You First Page By Tuesday Afternoon…

Pro-level SEO is difficult, challenging and unpredictable. Factors like Google algorithm, daily fluctuations, your competition… etc come into play. “Experts” who promise immediate results usually come from two places - Scammer and agencies that use shady tactics. Believe it or not, the latter will actually cause you more trouble. 
There are ‘black hat” SEO tactics out there like PBN(Private Blog Networks) Google looks down upon. Any of those tactics might get you cheap and quick results, but it’s only a matter of time until Google’s crawlers find it and destroy all your rankings… Leaving you worse off than where you started. You need a true expert who understands SEO at the deepest level…

Gain Insider Insights Into The Future of SEO Here

Google’s Vision statement is “To Provide Access To The World's Information In One Click”. This is where Google’s algorithm and guidelines will craft around and where the SEO industry is moving towards. Over time, SEO has evolved from tactics to hijack Google’s algorithm into strategies to work with the algorithm to provide the best experience to internet users. True SEO experts should advise you to align your website strategies with the search intent of your customers. At the end of the day, what you want from SEO is more revenue rather than a vanity metric like traffic volume or keyword ranking that means nothing to your bottom line. This strategy will support your business objective.
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The Last SEO Service You Will Ever Need - Guaranteed

We understand SEO is a mystical industry for most people. Most agencies out there put you in a black box when they sign you up as a client. We do things differently here.
At Whitesheep Digital, we tell you exactly what we will do so you know what goes into delivering the results you need. Also, we do not corner you into lengthy contracts. We advocate having flexible terms with our clients, that’s why we must be good to keep you as a client.
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What Our Customers Say About Us

Mny Group
Mny Group
"Your services are professional and result-driven. You listen to the client’s requirements & feedback and work with us to provide appropriate solutions which improves the bottom result. Hope we may continue working together to achieve ongoing success."
Ben Gu
Director @ MNY Group Chartered Accountants
"Rekha and Jine are masters of their craft, trusted partners and experts at delivering technical and content SEO strategy."
Anna Vine
Director @ Brandmaide
"There is no one like Jine Wu who has in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry. She brings SEO tactics to the next level by her advanced understanding of the entire SEO landscape. Her works are inspiring, her strategies have become one of the best practices for all SEO practitioners. There is nothing more exhilarating than to take her advice and bring your project to success."
Xinyuan (Loki) Y.
SEO Manager @ Cipher Sports Technology Group

Instead Of Telling You, We Want To Show You What We Do

If you are reading this right now, it means we’ve re-opened our doors to take on new clients. For the month of June, we’re offering businesses in Australia FREE website audits together with a 20 minutes free strategy session. During the call, we’ll dissect your site for you, find out where exactly your site’s weaknesses are and together lay out an action plan you can work on today to turn your site into a customer-getting machine. We are a small team and can only manage to make this offer to a limited amount of businesses every month. So fill in the form before all our timeslots are booked out.
Free 30 minute consult
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FAQs about Whitesheep Digital SEO Services

Why do you need monthly SEO service?

The benefit of monthly SEO if knowing that you have ongoing SEO optimisation and work being done on a consistent basis. SEO results are normally seen in long term as such it takes a lot of commitment and effort in ongoing SEO optimisation especially when there are multiple Google algorithms released monthly.

How much should you pay for monthly SEO services?

The cost of monthly SEO services can range between $1,800 to $6,000 depending on the time needed and size of the website. For enterprise websites, SEO can cost up to $15,000 monthly due to the time and effort being spent on a daily basis.

What is the biggest misconception of SEO services?

Some of the biggest misconceptions of SEO is that it’s black magic and SEO practitioners are not to be trusted. Not all SEO specialists and agencies are bad and there are really good ones in the industry who practise genuine SEO. SEO is not black magic and it takes a lot of studying, researching and skills when SEO is done best. Remember to always have a face to face chat with your SEO agency before committing to monthly SEO. 

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