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Migrate Your Website With No Traffic Drop - Guaranteed

Site migration done wrong will mean a revenue drop. We can mitigate this risk for you at a fraction of the cost of lost businesses and set you up for the right foot with the best SEO website structure to bring your website traffic to a new height…
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Upgrade Your Company Image Risk-Free

Are you rebranding your company? Or are you moving your website to a newer and better platform? Or even rebuilding your website to suit your business today? If you have an existing website and want to migrate it to your new website without hurting your search engine ranking and traffic, then congratulations…You have found your way to the right place…

Why SEO Is One Of The Best Marketing Investments

The most valuable and profit-exploding traffic on planet earth comes from Google’s organic listings. There are over 3.5 billion searches performed each day and organic traffic has one of the highest converting traffic on the internet, with 8.5 times more likely to get clicked than paid searches. A well Search Engine Optimised website can tap into all these benefits. And the good thing with SEO is… once you are ranked on Google, you will get free prospects coming to you every day 24/7.
 However, not all SEO specialists can take advantage of this traffic source. In fact, ranking #1 on Google will roughly drive 30 times more people to your website than ranking #10. You need the best of the best talent to capitalise on this traffic source.
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What Goes Into A Proper Site Migration

A well-done site migration usually takes 3-6 months. It involves an in-depth analysis of your current website structure and traffic, making sure all the current traffic will be redirected to the new site and strategising a new website structure for long-term business growth. Website migration is like moving a brick-and-mortar store. You would spend months planning the move and hiring help, so why not do the same for moving websites? The only difference is… moving a website requires a lot more technical skills to do it right.
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Anatomy Of A Site Migration

4 - 10 weeks
Initial Review and Planning 
  • Current website performance and traffic analysis (benchmarking)
  • Identify stakeholders and responsibility
  • Finalise launch date and time frame
  • Market and Competitors Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Template and CMS or Customise backend and frontend website recommendations
  • Site structure recommendation
  • Technical Site Audit (set baseline)
  • Technical SEO recommendation
  • URL mapping and redirection plan
  • Wireframe and design review
  • Content Structure and On page SEO recommendation
2 - 8 weeks
  • Site structure and URL redirection review
  • Technical SEO tasks review
  • On page SEO and content review
1 - 2 weeks
Post Migration
  • URL redirection review
  • Tracking review
  • Full website review
2 - 4 weeks
3 Months Post Migration
  • Website loading speed analysis
  • Index analysis
  • Website errors analysis

No Traffic Drop Guarantee

We’ve helped 20+ websites relaunch without any traffic drop, but it wouldn’t mean anything to you if we are not willing to back up our work. So… if you follow our plan to migrate your website and you still encounter a traffic drop after the migration, show us your analytics and we will work for free until we get you back to your previous traffic volume. No questions asked.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Mny Group
Mny Group
"Your services are professional and result-driven. You listen to the client’s requirements & feedback and work with us to provide appropriate solutions which improves the bottom result. Hope we may continue working together to achieve ongoing success."
Ben Gu
Director @ MNY Group Chartered Accountants
"Rekha and Jine are masters of their craft, trusted partners and experts at delivering technical and content SEO strategy."
Anna Vine
Director @ Brandmaide
"There is no one like Jine Wu who has in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry. She brings SEO tactics to the next level by her advanced understanding of the entire SEO landscape. Her works are inspiring, her strategies have become one of the best practices for all SEO practitioners. There is nothing more exhilarating than to take her advice and bring your project to success."
Xinyuan (Loki) Y.
SEO Manager @ Cipher Sports Technology Group

Wanna Know How These All Apply To Your Website?

For the month of July, we’re offering businesses in Australia free 20 minutes strategy session. During the call, we’ll look at the vision of what your website should look like and create a game plan with you on how to execute a successful site migration without any traffic drop. This strategy session alone would help you sidestep the biggest SEO pitfalls when it comes to building your new website - FREE.
We are a small team and can only manage to make this offer to a limited amount of businesses every month. So fill in the form before all our time slots are booked out.
Free 30 minute consult
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FAQs about Whitesheep Digital SEO Services

What are the risks with website migration?

The 3 top risks with website migration:

  • Potential loss of organic traffic, drop of conversion rate and increase of bounce rate 
  • Broken internal linkings if they are not checked and updated with new pages
  • Slow crawl rate and indexation

What are the most important things when doing a site migration?

The checklist for a website migration is long. However these are some of the important things to remember before doing a site migration.

  • Ensure you have a like by like (exact match) of your pages to your new website pages. This is ensure when you do a redirect, the authority and value from your old page is passed to another page that has equal value, same or better content. 
  • Submit a sitemap as soon as your migration is completed. This is to help Google find your new pages quicker and pick up the redirects. 
  • Ensure when you do a migration, you conduct a 301 server redirect and not a 302. Remember, a 302 redirect is temporary only, as such don’t expect Google to pass value from your old page to your new pages. 

What are some of the top tips when doing a website migration?

Top tips for a website migration:

  • Crawl your website immediately after a website migration to check for any 404s. Most times if there are any mistakes or pages left behind, you can fix it quick with hopefully less negative impact
  • Set up Search Console (aka GSC) so that you are able to add your sitemaps and monitor indexation rates after a site migration. Search Console can provide you critical information if Google has a problem crawling and indexing your new pages and why
  • Always do conversion tests right after a migration. You would then want to check your analytics to ensure your data is firing and and your analytics is working accordingly 
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